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Currently taking on clients in the following suburbs:

  • Merrimac
  • Reedy Creek
  • Tallai
  • Worongary
  • Mudgeeraba
  • Robina
  • Varsity Lakes
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    Fed up with mowing lawns?

    mowerLet’s face it, mowing lawns can be tedious and you could be doing better things with your time. So why are you still forcing yourself to pull the old rusty mower out of the shed that takes 15 pulls and a blown shoulder to get going?

    Jason’s Lawn and Garden Care provides full lawn and garden care services across the Gold Coast, giving you back your time and freedom to live your life without the appearance of your property suffering as a consequence!

    You know that feeling you get when you finally finish the lawn that’s already 3 weeks overgrown, when you’ve even gone that extra mile and done the whipper snipping too? Well, imagine getting that level of satisfaction every time you see your yard, and not having to lift a finger to achieve it!

    "I not only have my time back, but I have my yard back too! It looks consistently better than it ever has, and the burden of maintenance is completely lifted from me!"

    Our Services

    At Jason’s Lawns and Garden Care, We offer our clients a range of services to meet their specific requirements:

    Lawn Mowing

    Keep your yard in top shape and never worry about an overgrown lawn again. Residential or Commercial, whether it be a nature strip or large complex

    Garden Maintenance

    Fed up with seeing dead plants, empty garden beds, shaggy edges, or worse? If it’s classed as a garden then we’ll maintain it. Private or corporate, big or small, we take care of it all

    Rubbish Removal

    Waste piles hidden away behind the shed or down the side of the house are no match for us! we’ll remove your rubbish and clean up around it, all with a smile on our faces. Don’t muck up the boot of your car, let the experts handle it.


    Small tree branches and shrubs getting overgrown on your property? We’ll get them back in to shape and take away the cuttings while we’re at it. A semi-regular pruning goes a long way to improving the aesthetics of any garden or outdoor space.


    We’ve all done it, cleared out a garden bed or feature point in our garden with all the best intentions of making it beautiful again, only to lose motivation or get sidetracked. Let us get that garden space shining again!


    Nothing finishes off an outdoor area like a nice new top layer of mulch. It protects against weeds, provides nutrients to the plants and trees around it, and provides an eyecatching level of detail to any outdoor space.

    To book a quote or find out how we can provide a solution for you, simply call: 0429 612 280 or click the button below to get a quote now!

    Jason's Lawn and Garden Care
    Who We Are

    At Jason’s Lawns, we stand behind every job we perform. Find out why:

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    Jason’s Lawn and Garden Care have been serving the residents of the Gold Coast and Tweed for over 17 years. Our founder, Jason, loves the satisfaction every customer gets when they come home to a perfectly mowed lawn. With more than 160 long-term clients, it’s no wonder he’s the trusted name in lawns.

    Be it commercial spaces or residential areas; we strive to deliver the perfect job on every lawn we service.

    Customer satisfaction is the core value of our company.

    We endeavour to respond to all enquires in a timely manner. Our professional team will consider all the information you provide, so the moment we begin the conversation with you, we already understand your needs. Our personalised care approach means we will always strive to maintain your lawns to the highest standard possible.

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